On leaving to live

It’s 11:01 PM and I just finished packing my bags.

To where? You might be asking. Are you leaving?

Good questions, reader. Ladies and gentlemen, your blogger is in for an amazing and liberating adventure – the one that she has envisioned even before when she was twelve, and the one that she has prayed for.

And there will be no more turning back.

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To the guy I’ll marry years from now,


First of all, I’m sorry.

I have given away my heart way too many times before, causing it to break into pieces every now and then because of disappointment. I’m sorry because way back then, I never realized that you deserved my whole heart more than anything else. I’m sorry that I did not look forward to the future — our future — and kept on wasting my love to the guys that I thought you were. Continue reading “To the guy I’ll marry years from now,”

To the one whom I almost prayed for..


I’m glad things didn’t work out the way I expected them to.

“Same time last year, everything was different.”

True enough, eh?
I almost didn’t get to write this because for the past few months, I kept on saying, “This is the last time I’ll write about you” and that last time never happened. I vowed to myself that I’d try not to entertain thoughts about writing something that’s about you, but tonight, and after all of the things I’ve realized lately, I can’t help but do so.

So here’s five things that I’d like to say to you.

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