TPP: Little Mix’s Shout Out To My Ex

It was a week after I resigned that I started running again.

Well, this time, I had to use the treadmill from the nearest gym because my body clock’s still messed up, and I just couldn’t run on our highway once I woke up at 11 am, unless I’d like to die due to a heat stroke.

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To the guy I’ll marry years from now,


First of all, I’m sorry.

I have given away my heart way too many times before, causing it to break into pieces every now and then because of disappointment. I’m sorry because way back then, I never realized that you deserved my whole heart more than anything else. I’m sorry that I did not look forward to the future — our future — and kept on wasting my love to the guys that I thought you were. Continue reading “To the guy I’ll marry years from now,”