How the story goes

s6e9 battle.png

The other night, I decided to re-watch an episode of this popular series with my Dad. It was the very first time that he has seen an episode of this show, and the only reason why he was so interested is to be able to witness the epic battle scene that broke the internet last month.

As expected, he got so carried away on the sword-fighting parts. Though he never knew the names, I asked him who’s the guy that he was rooting for, and he told me he wasn’t sure, though it looks like the “kulot” deserves to win. He does not even know that he was actually referring to the protagonist.

As the episode goes on, it was becoming clear already that the protagonist’s pack was being outnumbered. And as he was being crushed to death by the piled up corpses of his own men, my Dad said, “Wala, mamamatay ‘to!” (No, he’s going to die!)

I remembered the very first time I have seen the episode, I was nervous as well. I just couldn’t stand to watch the man I’m rooting for die in the hands of his sadistic enemies. But since this is my second time to see this, I sat there unfazed, confident and assured that the man is going to win this battle. Of course. I already know how this episode is going to end.

Even if it looks like he is losing right now.  Continue reading


The “boiling point”


With 4:22 left in the last quarter, the whistle was blown to call out Warriors star player Stephen Curry’s foul — his sixth and last.

The crowd of almost 20,000 jeered as Curry, in frustration, has thrown his mouthpiece near the scorer’s table, hitting a Cleveland fan inadvertently.

The ref pointed his fingers to the locker room, and the next thing we all saw was apart from the said mouthpiece, two other things were thrown-out: Steph himself, out of the court and a first in his career, and the already-slim chances of the Warriors bouncing back and sealing the championship in Game 6.

Frustrated because of the several “unfair” fouls that were called against him, Curry, whom the fans are fond of seeing bearing the never-say-die spirit in every game, finally reached his boiling point. Continue reading

Peace! Be Still!

I was about to go to work one morning when it started to pour heavily. Not only that, winds were almost tearing my windows down, and thunders and lightnings were everywhere. Not that I am scared by the storm, but the fact that it will be dangerous for me to travel to city in the middle of a heavy storm bothered me so much – that I couldn’t help but to tweet about it. Continue reading