On greater things

2017 is all about ditching my comfort zones.

Comfort zones, because I had a lot.

The BPO industry became one. It came to a point where I thought I was bound to stay in that field for the rest of my life. I was thinking, “Why not? It pays well! The job doesn’t change, as long as you hit the targets, you’re good. Then you earn a lot.” After several attempts of getting out in that industry for more than two years, I almost surrendered.

Don’t get me wrong, Ive somehow enjoyed the BPO industry! I have learned a lot and made very good friends from it. If you are currently in that field and you think you are called to be there, I hope you enjoy the ride and do well!

But last summer, a door was opened for me miraculously. Being ICM ‘s Reporting Officer was a product of taking a giant leap of faith — I had no writing job experience and I was coming from nightshift, so it was a big adjustment. Also, there was another comfort zone that I had to let go along taking up this job, which is living in Bulacan with my family.


The squad that I got into upon starting to work in ICM. ❤

I moved here in Pasig City, where every bit of my patience and sense of responsibility was tested. I am still starting to be independent, so as of now I can’t afford to rent a condo of my own yet, thus, I had to deal with this city’s traffic. It was terrible, mind you. I came from a province that’s slowly transforming into an urban area, so again, I had to adjust. I live less than 4 kms from work and there are days when it takes me almost 2 hours to get there! In Bulacan, I can walk 3 kms everyday, but the ground’s flat there, unlike in Ortigas. Living and working in the city was and still is a very big challenge.

Since I live on my own, I needed to learn to be more responsible with my money. I was already a tita before moving here, now I think I became more of a lola! I learned to pay my dues manually, to scan the grocery aisles for discounted goods, and to always choose cheaper alternatives on anything! (Except food. I suck at stopping myself to splurge on it.) It wasn’t easy for me at first, but slowly, I was able to love every moment of my independence. After all, this is a good training ground to prepare myself for my next season!

This year, my family transferred to our own house. It’s in the same town in Bulacan, but in a different barangay.At first, I don’t feel good about it, especially the house that we previously rented was very accessible to the terminal, to the market, and to our church. We’re moving back to where the fields are, and if we won’t use the car, we had to commute, and the fare’s not that cheap. But hey, isn’t it nice to move into your own house, the one that you can always call “your own?”

I know it was a big decision that my father had to make, but I have to trust and support him with this. After all, this is his. This is ours. This is now ours, and isn’t that cool?

Stepping out of my comfort zones will never be easy, but I am glad that every time I step out of the box, everything’s provided. Every time I close an existing door, a bigger door is being opened.

2017 is my breakthrough year. It is when I started to realize how God has never failed a single promise in my life.

Countless times I have been asked what my life verse is. I’m sharing it with you right now:

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.”
1 Peter 5:10 ESV

I know the Bible is full of promises, but the one written above is my favorite. I am actually crying while typing this, because I still get goosebumps every time I reminisce how I have suffered in the past months, but there will always be restoration in the end. It’s like no matter how far I’ve ran, in the end, I always come back to Him and say, “How come You still love me and open doors for me when I don’t deserve it anymore?”

Then I’ll be taken back to another promise that was written in the beginning of the last book of the Old Testament:

“I have loved you,” says the Lord.
Malachi 1:2 ESV

He has loved me even when I have sinned.

He has loved me even though He already knows that I will be sinning again.

He has loved me even after I have sinned.

I deserved all of the sufferings, but I don’t deserve all of the breakthroughs. Yet, He has blessed me with the breakthroughs.

I deserved all of the closed doors, but He has opened a lot more doors for me – doors that I don’t even deserve because of my sinful nature.

He is an amazing Father and His love never runs out. If He can do it for me, then He can do it for you, too!

This is why I am excited for what’s in store in the coming months. If He has done great things this year, I am sure that a lot of great things will also be done next year by my faithful Father and Provider. So whoever you are that’s reading this, I know God has a lot of things that’s in store for you next year!

Since you’re here, let me share what I’m so excited about for the next few weeks (and for next year!)

  • Christmas break. In where I work, we have two weeks of paid vacation leaves, so we can celebrate the holidays with our families. I’m not sure if you also have that where you work, but I pray that you get to have your deserved break, too!
  • Victory Bulacan Churches Building Project, and more! The holidays will be busy for Victory Malolos as we complete this project. I mean, look at that poolside villa! Apart from this, I am very much excited about the events that will be happening, just like the bazaar and the food parks!

My Dad and I at the #VBCBuildingProject Partners’ Night

  • A blog collaboration! Spilled Ink will be teaming up with Ang Modernong Rizal, which is owned by my good friend and officemate, Harold. We’re so excited to do this! Harold is a youth pastor from a big church in QC, and is also one of the National Health Managers in ICM. We are looking forward to reach out to young men and women through social media and writing!

Me with the “Modernong Rizal

  • Travels. I am praying and saving up for a lot of travels for next year. My love for night flights and window seats will never fade away, so now that my work permits me to have the time, I am excited to maximize that and share that with all of you!
  • The 24K Magic Tour Manila!!! Hello, I have been waiting for this for several months! I hope Bruno takes good care of himself while on tour, so no unfortunate events (like delays or cancellations) might happen. After all, fans need to understand that these people are also human. 😊

Pop pop! It’s showtime on May 4th!

  • Other surprise favors and blessings on my way! A lot of times I am being surprised for all of the unexpected provision and blessings that I encounter. Isn’t that amazing that the God who created you knows what exactly to give you on that specific time? The best thing about that is it’s never-ending. There’s always something to look forward to every year!

Do you also have other things to look forward to on 2018? If you want to share them, hit me up on my contact sections. Looking forward to be excited with you!


Sa pagbuo at pagbalik

Tay, patawad.

Patawad, dahil kasalanan ko. Kasalanan ko kung bakit ako nasaktan. Hindi kasi ako nakinig sa’Yo.

Mas pinakinggan ko ang puso ko kesa sa sinasabi Mo sa akin, matagal na:

“Anak, hindi ka para d’yan. Hindi ka sasaya d’yan.

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On leaving to live

It’s 11:01 PM and I just finished packing my bags.

To where? You might be asking. Are you leaving?

Good questions, reader. Ladies and gentlemen, your blogger is in for an amazing and liberating adventure – the one that she has envisioned even before when she was twelve, and the one that she has prayed for.

And there will be no more turning back.

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How the story goes

s6e9 battle.png

The other night, I decided to re-watch an episode of this popular series with my Dad. It was the very first time that he has seen an episode of this show, and the only reason why he was so interested is to be able to witness the epic battle scene that broke the internet last month.

As expected, he got so carried away on the sword-fighting parts. Though he never knew the names, I asked him who’s the guy that he was rooting for, and he told me he wasn’t sure, though it looks like the “kulot” deserves to win. He does not even know that he was actually referring to the protagonist.

As the episode goes on, it was becoming clear already that the protagonist’s pack was being outnumbered. And as he was being crushed to death by the piled up corpses of his own men, my Dad said, “Wala, mamamatay ‘to!” (No, he’s going to die!)

I remembered the very first time I have seen the episode, I was nervous as well. I just couldn’t stand to watch the man I’m rooting for die in the hands of his sadistic enemies. But since this is my second time to see this, I sat there unfazed, confident and assured that the man is going to win this battle. Of course. I already know how this episode is going to end.

Even if it looks like he is losing right now.  Continue reading


The “boiling point”


With 4:22 left in the last quarter, the whistle was blown to call out Warriors star player Stephen Curry’s foul — his sixth and last.

The crowd of almost 20,000 jeered as Curry, in frustration, has thrown his mouthpiece near the scorer’s table, hitting a Cleveland fan inadvertently.

The ref pointed his fingers to the locker room, and the next thing we all saw was apart from the said mouthpiece, two other things were thrown-out: Steph himself, out of the court and a first in his career, and the already-slim chances of the Warriors bouncing back and sealing the championship in Game 6.

Frustrated because of the several “unfair” fouls that were called against him, Curry, whom the fans are fond of seeing bearing the never-say-die spirit in every game, finally reached his boiling point. Continue reading