On the last Tuesday night of August 1995, it wouldn’t stop raining in Manila. Every street was flooded and classes and work were suspended. On the same night, the owner of this blog was born.

She grew up surrounded by adults and books. And animals. She was eight when she lost a stillborn brother — that was the very first time she got her heart broken. She was ten when she first boarded a plane and traveled out of the country. Since then, she developed a fascination with planes, window seats, and what you can see from above while flying.

She spent four years in a Catholic high school and it has opened her eyes to a whole lot of things. This is where she first learned how to swim, which is something different from what she loved to do previously: volleyball. She fell in love with basketball even more, and started playing softball before graduating. She found out that, despite of being girly at heart, she gets along with guys better.

And that was often misunderstood by other people. Guess what? She didn’t care. Ha!

But she coped, and oh boy she really did. She became an associate editor of their school paper — she loved writing so much that she used to skip her classes just to be in the school paper office all by herself, with her words. No wonder she chose to get a degree in Journalism after finishing high school.

For four years she wrote and wrote. Sometimes, she took pictures, and filmed, and acted, but she always finds herself coming back to what she really loves – the paper and the pen, together with her drifting thoughts and spilled ink.

At 22, she is still struggling to find her place in this cruel world. She has been in different industries, spent countless times in different cities meeting different faces. Some of them brought good memories, some brought heartaches, but one thing is certain: she doesn’t know how to love anything half-heartedly.

I guess she’ll never know how to.

She has her dream job now, thanks to her Creator and Father, who made it all possible in His will and His own timing. But her dreams aren’t complete yet. She’s on her way there, donning her favorite ripped jeans and void of makeup. She knows that there will be detours along the way, but if you happen to come across her, never be afraid to say hi.

Take her by the hand and she won’t resist — she’ll be glad to be a part of your journey as well.

Until then, soak in her words and poetry — a piece of her heart that she’s very much willing to share with you.


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