Do you see him now?

Right now, you’re thinking of running away.

Please don’t.

My dear, let me tell you why. Let me convince you that you don’t have to run away.

You have to understand that not everyone wants you hurt.

I know, hard to digest, but that’s true. There are still people who would like to make you happy. There are still people who would like to love you the way you would like to be loved.

So, I see you’ve met a man. No, I shouldn’t say “met”, right? You guys have met waaaaay back years ago.

See, there is a clear difference between a man and a boy, and the difference that I am talking about here isn’t age.

I’m talking about maturity here.

Let me put this on the table: you know he’s a man when he doesn’t let you run away. He stays and makes you stay. He is man enough to prove to you that his intentions are good.

He is excited about it and lets the whole world know about it.

Most importantly, he makes you feel good and secure.

How come he’s able to do that? Because he himself is secure. He is built-up. He has discipline – emotionally and spiritually. He is strong because he is a man.

He’s man enough to fall in love with you just the way you are, despite your flaws. Man enough to understand that you have your own life, and respects it. Man enough to say to your parents’ faces that he is going to date you, and although you’re already of age, he still wants to do it because he loves them as much as you do.

Does that scare you?

It’s not scary, beloved. But I understand why you’re scared – you’ve had enough of people running away from you.

You, of all the people, should know how it feels to be shut out because they’re scared to be loved.

Don’t you dare be like them. Don’t you dare repeating the same mistake that they did.

Learn from them instead.

You’ve found a man, my dear. There he is. There he is, all along.

Do you see him now?

You do?

Good. Do you feel like giving him a chance?

I’m asking you because you are happy. He makes you happy. You’ve known him for so long, but you never realized how much the both of you have grown and matured in the past few years. But now, you see. He’s a man now.

Far from perfect, but is godly. Nowhere near Superman, but makes sure you’re always okay.

He never ran away, darling. You did. Before.

Who would’ve known that after every twists and turns that you have went through to run away from him, you will find yourself bumping into him once more after several years?

Don’t make the same mistake of running away again.

Not without him.

This man here does not want you to chase him. He wants to chase your God with you instead. He wants to chase the forever kind of things, but he doesn’t want to chase these alone.

Not unless you’re with him.

Do you see him now?

This is the man that you have been praying for.

So it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to be overwhelmed with all of the attention he’s giving. Let him show you a part of himself that you never chose to see before. He deserves a chance.

He took a chance on you – don’t you just think it is manly?

He chose to wait on you. He chose to be a friend first. He chose to pray for you earnestly, and he chose you, no matter how far you pushed him away.

Now, you see him.

Pray for him, my dear.

Pray that he continues to seek His guidance when it comes to securing your heart.

Pray that he continues to develop his patience and consistency everyday.

He knows you’re scared of commitments. He knows everything you went through, but it will be unfair to not give him a chance to show you that he’s real.

Just as how you’ve been real before to the wrong people.

Now that you see him, don’t run away.

Just don’t.

Let yourself be loved.

You deserve it.

So don’t run away. Don’t close your doors. Just sit around and let him show you how much you deserved to be loved.

It is now your turn to be loved.

Savor it.

I promise you, it will be worth it.


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