Unboxing the Unspoken: Fortress

Dear you,

I know you hesitated to dress up and look your best this morning, but you did.

For the past few months, Sunday mornings have become a plain routine that you just have. Dress up, jump in the car, step in and step out.

You were tired.

You were tired, so you took a break.

Before, you look forward to Sunday mornings. These mornings are busy but very fulfilling, because you just love what you do. You love the people you’re working with. You’re good at managing them.

But you got burned out, so you took a break.

I hear you, my dear. I understand. Believe me, I do.

This morning was different, though. You were hesitant, but you knew something, or someone, was pulling you to be there.

I’ll just be there, you thought to yourself.

And you did. You were there. Clad in your best shirt and jeans, you stared blankly as they sang. You knew the song, right?

“Your promise of love, where my heart is safely undone.”

You stopped singing along and just kept on reading what’s in front of you, as they sang to it.

“Over the noise, I hear You whispering

My hope has come and my heart is safely undone”

You kept a straight face and your heart beats fast. In that moment, you knew it’s just the very first time in several months that you’ve felt this way again.

“I found my fortress in You”

Just sing along. No big deal. You’ve always done it.

But you couldn’t stop staring at what’s written. The words were screaming at your face. It’s like the core of your being was being exposed and there was nothing you can do…

“My resting place is in Your name

Forever safe”

You are safe.

And you were safe all along, my dear.

Your tears ran down your face and you didn’t wipe it. It’s okay. Let the tears fall. Let the tears of vulnerability fall and expose my soul.

“You are never far away

Always reaching out to save”

Suddenly, the words and the tone didn’t matter anymore. The song was long and beautiful, but it took you two words, my dear.

Two words that were whispered on your ear while you were reading the lyrics, and hearing them sing.

Come home.

“Speak to me, Lord

Your servant is listening”

Come home, He spoke to your soul.

Come home, my dear.

Come home.

To where? You thought. To this place? I am already here!

No, my dear. Come home. Come home to me.

“I found my fortress in You”

It all makes sense now.

It makes sense why despite hesitating, your feet has brought you here.

Your heart was beating fast, your eyes were all watery and then you just realized that you needed to be home. And you are, now.

Your fortress is here.

And you are safe. Always you will be.

You wiped your tears as the song has ended. You smiled. You whispered to yourself, I am home.

I am home.

You are safe now, my dear.

* Safe by is written by Lee Brown, Moira Dela Torre (Love her! That’s why this song has some “Malaya” feels…) Juan Winans and Justin Gray.
Wanna come home and be safe? Listen to the song on Spotify here:



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