On wanting something so bad…

Here’s why I force myself to not want something so bad: I do a lot of things for the sake of it.

The following paragraphs will tell you more about this. Go ahead if you want a good laugh, but if you’re not interested, close this window. Now.

I don’t go to concerts. Like, I’d always prefer movies, or anything, over concerts. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m just so lazy to go the extra mile of lining up in the malls and monitoring ticket sales online, or it’s just because I prefer spending over food rather than save up just for a single ticket.

I mean, concert tickets are so pricey!

But hey, then this Bruno Mars announced that he’s bringing his world tour to Manila.

Wait, what? Bruno Mars? Holy smokes.

It’s weird, because I’m not one of those people who followed him from his early Nothin’ On You days. Seriously. I only know a handful of Bruno Mars songs from the past, but I have watched some of his live performances on the web and…

..can I just say that he’s really one of those artists that can sing live? No, not sing. Perform.

Dang, this man’s live performances are sometimes even better than his recordings!

Eversince I downloaded his 24K Magic album by mistake, I have been obsessed with his live performances. Now that he’s coming to Manila, do I just let the opportunity pass?


So I saved for it. Like, literally, saved for it. I stayed away from Uber and Grab, from fastfoods, from almost everything (except Jollibee, of course!) And when I had the enough money, (together with my strict Daddy’s go-signal), I was all-set to get me a 24k Magic experience.

Tickets went on sale yesterday, September 7. I don’t have a credit card so I got off work for “early lunch” and went to Megamall to buy. Much to my dismay, there are a lot of people waiting for the mall to open up at 9:45am already. (Gahd, do these people still work? Lol.) So when the doors and gates opened, everyone was running.

Everyone was running.

It was like a zombie apocalypse, fellas. It wasn’t cool. I was wearing a skirt and I wasn’t prepaared for this battle but… who cares? So yep. I ran.

I got me a #16 tag. So yes, I was a priority.


‘Cause even though I was one of the priorities, after 10 minutes, lower box tickets were declared sold-out.

Right, so I can still get one, at least.

The counter was only at number 7 when they said that every ticket was sold-out, except for VIP 1 Standing.

Nooooo I don’t have that enough money!

So yes, I was nearly crying on the van on my way to office. It was so stupid, the counters were taking so slow and I had a number guys. I had a number. After 20 minutes, almost all of the tickets were gone. Where’s the justice?

Well, I was heartbroken. How could the universe never let this happen? I never wanted to see someone perform live so bad. Gusto ko ikain sa Vikings lahat ng sinave-up ko for 2 months. I was really torn.

But thank heavens, Bruno Mars is really just phenomenal, they added a second day! It was my chance, my perfect chance, but I was just too tired to go through another zombie apocalypse.

I think I did something right to deserve ate Jasmin’s attention that afternoon because she just made me realize that I can use debit cards for payment. I was like, “But isn’t a credit card different from a debit card? They said they ONLY accept credit cards!” I can’t believe I actually talked to SM Tickets customer service to clarify this, and they said yes. And I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this in the very first place! Ate Jas, if you’re reading this, thank you. You’re one of my fairy god-sisters in this generation.

This morning, I was like, “Okay, I’ll try it again. But if I won’t be able to secure even just one, it isn’t meant to be.”

But then, I was able to secure a ticket. *insert party confetti emoji here* I didn’t have to run in the mall and wait on a queue anymore, though the server problems on SM Tickets’ website were stressful as well, when I hit the Checkout button, it was all worth it.

I was so glad I gave it another shot. A few hours after, my foreign boss delegated three additional reports due next week – and strangely, I wasn’t too stressed. I have all the motivation and energy so I could work all day… (but of course, no! It’s Friday!)

So guys, I learned two lessons that I hope to share with all of you.

1. SM Tickets accept debit cards for online purchases. Yes, they don’t actually mention it online, but they do, just confirm with them if they allow debit cards from your issuing bank.

2. If you truly want something really bad, it’s always okay to give it a shot! If it works out, then good! If it doesn’t, at least you’ve tried. It’s better than always having to think “What if it worked out?” because you just never gave it a shot.

So there you go. Now let me savor my Hooligan Cloud nine moment…

24k magic screencap


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