Unboxing the Unspoken: Think Twice

Dear you,

There’s a reason why I’m hesitant for you to wait for me.

No, I didn’t regret the two years that we’ve spent together as lovers. How can you make yourself regret the things that once made you happy?

We were good together. At least, for most times. You were the Ross to my Rachel. You were my best friend.

Most of our friends thought we’re good together.

Most of them think we still are.

But the both of us knew we didn’t work out, right?

It’s been years, my dear. You told me you’d wait. Thanks. It’s flattering, yes. You know the what my answer would be by now, correct?

Please, think twice.

You’ve watched FRIENDS, right? While I don’t completely relate to how Rachel lives, there’s one thing that we have in common: we’re too much to handle by our Rosses.

Did I tell you before that I believe Rachel deserves to be with someone that’s not Ross? Did I share why?

Ross and Rachel has the chemistry but I believe they both deserve more than just the chemistry. They both deserve someone who doesn’t pull them down – someone that complements who they are, and keeps them grounded.

My dear, let me set the records straight. I might pull you down.

I’m not easy to handle.

The reason why I want you to think twice, because it’s been years, and nothing has been changed – I’m still not a good girl.

I’m still not the girl that you thought I was, am and can be. Nope, that’s never gonna happen.

My flaws are beyond what you can imagine.

And while nobody ever dared to say they can stand these flaws, you’re there saying you can.

But can you really, when you don’t even know half of these flaws?

Can you really stand the flaws that nobody ever bothered knowing and accepting?

Can you?

Think twice.

I am giving you the chance to think twice, because I don’t want you to wait for a well-done steak only to receive a medium-rare afterwards. I am sparing you of that.

Think twice because if I were you, I would.

Think twice because I won’t shut up when I see something wrong.

Think twice because I’m done investing emotions on someone that doesn’t give a damn.

I know you give a damn about me, and believe me, if it’s only that easy to just pour out the love on you instead of some other douchebag, matagal ko nang ginawa.

Think twice because as of the moment, I can’t force myself to like you again.

Think twice because as of now, I can’t force myself to love you again.

Think twice because I won’t change my plans just to be aligned with yours. Nope.

Think twice, because I know you want to pursue a girl with a pure heart. But my heart isn’t pure anymore. It has been tossed, torn and shattered for countless times.

Think twice of waiting, because even I don’t like waiting.

Think twice if you’re going to make me wait.

Think twice because even though I am strong and independent, I need to be heard.

I need to be nourished.

I need to be spent time with.

I need to be taken to the mountains and conquer the world.

I need to be loved even though I don’t deserve to be loved.

Think twice if you are not sure you can do that.

Think twice if you’re making me a Rachel. Oh, nope. Scratch that. Think twice if you are a Ross. Please, I don’t need a Ross in my life. (No offense, Ross fans. I love David Schwimmer.)

Think twice because I know that you know you don’t need a Rachel in your life, too.

Think twice because you know you have to.

Think twice because I’m not easy to handle.

Think twice. Just please do.


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