On why you should give Bar Boys a chance

I capped off my week by deciding to watch another PPP film (dahil extended sila, mga bes!) My original plan was to watch either Birdshot or Patay Na Si Hesus, but because I got off work at around 5, I didn’t catch them on time unless I wait for another 2 hours.

So I chose to watch Bar Boys instead. I got a lot of friends recommending this film primarily because they either plan to go to law school, or they’re already in law school. It wasn’t on my radar, but since Rocco Nacino’s there, I was willing to give it a shot.

So I did. And I have no regrets.

I know majority of you have already watched Kita Kita or 100 Tula. Let me set your expectations, honey: Bar Boys is different from them — because it’s not supposed to bring out the hugotero/hugotera in you. It is meant to prick your heart to ignite your passion and dreams. It is meant to inspire the hell out of you — in a hilarious, a bit heart-wrenching but realistic way.

Unlike the other films, the lead actors in this movie are four attractive men. No, they don’t have love interests. Oh, wait. One of them has, but the story didn’t focus on it too much, which I really liked. The plot centers the friendship (and the hardships) of these four men as they pursue law. Although, one of them didn’t make it to the entrance test. Find out who among them didn’t when you watch it!

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Rocco Nacino plays Torran Garcia, the leader of the pack. Mahangin, maangas, and the one who aces tests without exerting any effort at all. I loved Rocco since he was still a newbie in GMA, then he was Aquil in Encantadia which made me fall in love with him more, but here in Bar Boys, he’s effortless. (Hay nako, I’m such a sucker for moreno guys!) He just proves that he’s a natural. Kaya nyang makipagsabayan, bes.

Enzo Pineda is Chris Carlson — the conyo one, and the rich one. Although blessed with good looks, tall frame and financial provisions, he has this not-so-good relationship with his father who kept on pressuring him not to do his best, but BE THE BEST. Unlike Rocco, I’ve never seen him act in a regular basis before, but he wasn’t too bad in this movie — actually he was effective. He can be selfish and you can hate him because of it despite looking so damn good, but you won’t have the urge to blame him for wanting to please his Dad so much. Sa kanilang apat, after the movie siya ‘yung gusto kong sapakin, tapos halikan pagkatapos. HAHA!

Carlo Aquino, well, is still THE Carlo Aquino we knew. I mean, we all know how good he is when it comes to acting. Bata palang tayo kinukurot niya na puso natin. He never seize to amaze people by how natural he is when he cries on screen, when he fights, when he gets mad, everything! No wonder why he gets to play Erik Vicencio, the one with the most dramatic backstory among the four.

Last but definitely not the list, Josh Zuniga is Kean Cipriano. Who would’ve thought of seeing Kean in a movie that talks bar exams, cases, and debates? Not me, but I love how his character fits in here in this film. He’s the most relatable one, because at some point, we all get to be the one who’s left behind, and perhaps also the one that doesn’t know what he really does best. I’d hate to spoil you guys, so if you want to know more about Josh, and the rest of them, I highly suggest watching it.

Odette Khan is also here, and she gets to play a very important part. To be honest, I forgave the unnecessary scenes and dragging parts of this film mainly because she is such a joy to watch as a lawyer — intimidating but inspiring, relatable and tangible.

Bar Boys also highlighted what is really happening in law schools — terror profs, scary recitations, pulling off all-nighters just to finish a pile of xeroxed reviewers, frats and many more. It will also give you the urge to play DoTA with your barkada once more. 😂

I’d give this an 8.75/10. It’s not perfect. Like what I said above, there were parts that I felt like it was a bit too slow. Or maybe for me, it lacked impact because I didn’t pursue law school (I dreamed of going before but I don’t think I can, now. Haha!) However, it’s nice to see a film that’s very relatable without being so hopelessly romantic, if you know what I mean. My heart has been broken, tossed over and crushed into pieces by Kita Kita and 100 Tula, so Bar Boys is like a breath of fresh air to me.

This film is not just for those who plan to pursue law, or those who are already in law school, but also for normal dreamers like us. Sabi nga do’n, it takes sacrifice to get there. Please don’t hesitate to give Bar Boys a chance. Watch it while it’s still showing in some cinemas!


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