My heart is happy.

I realized I have written a lot of unsent letters in the past here but never really wrote something for someone that I’m really grateful for.

And that’s you. Yes you. The one who’s reading this right now.

If you have been here for the past few months, reading basically what’s written here and on my heart, thank you. It’s not everyday that we get to have someone spending their time to hear out what you have to say, so just for that, I’d like to thank you.

To be honest, this blog was intended to be set on private mode. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I pour my heart out into every keystrokes that’s here, and that means if everybody can read it, I’d be an open book and I’d be vulnerable.

But then, what’s not to share? Good things are meant to be shared. And what do you do to the bad things?

You turn them into good things by sharing them, so that they can learn. And by doing that, these bad things can turn into beautiful things.

That’s why I decided to let everyone know what’s written on my heart. That’s why you’re able to read this now.

Last year, this post gathered over 5k views and 3k shares. I was so shocked, for that was just a letter that I have managed to get out of my head on 2am. It was a simple realization and never in my dreams have I imagined it being shared by women across the globe.

But they did share it. They didn’t know me, but they sure understood my story.

I still flinch everytime someone approaches me and say, “Hey, I’ve read your blog!” A lot of things are going on in my head. Did I have typos again? Did I make sense? But that was supposed to be a diary entry, how come you’re saying it was good? 

Someone also suggested that I get my own domain already. I have been praying for that since I was eighteen, beloved. But I still think there’s a whole lot more to improve. Spilled ink is way far from the works of Joena San Diego and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, and I believe I still don’t have what it takes to get my own brand. But I’ll get there, though. We’ll get there. Soon.

I really tend to become conscious of everything that’s on my blog. So if you happen to come across me and tell me you’ve seen my space, and I flinched, I’m so sorry. Please know that I am beyond grateful that you wasted several minutes lurking in my humble abode online. By that alone, no words cannot express how you’ve make my heart happy.

I am beginning a blog series this week, and it’s called The Playlist Project. Let me take you to my playlist and share the stories associated to these songs – it is as good as sharing my perspectives, and my whole life as well, to you. This is going to run for two months, and if you happen to have song suggestions, do not hesitate to hit me up on the comments box. I’ll be glad to listen to it and perhaps write about it as well!

This week, I’ll be out. I’ll be in Dumaguete for a work-related assignment, but I have prepared a lot of things (mostly scheduled posts) here for you to read on while I’m gone. Please enjoy the rest of the summer for me, beloved. I promise to come back with a whole lot of stories to tell.

I love you always! xx


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