For Kylie, 


I have been following your Twitter and Instagram posts for months now. I must admit, you weren’t a favorite, but I did click the Follow button on your social media sites because your poetry posts have so much heart in them. They were so deep, so inviting and I can’t help but to read and want more from you.

Last year, when they announced you will be playing Amihan in the Enca remake, I must say that I saw that coming. I knew you were a shoo-in, but I just did not know who exactly among the four Sanggres you’re going to play. See, Amihan was not a favorite to me as well, for I loved Danaya since I was a kid since I see myself in her more: feisty, straight-forward, and too headstrong. However, all eyes were on you, Amihan, for you were the queen. Every move you make and every emotion you take on as Amihan will always be commented on, for the character that was given to you is one of the most essential in the series. That somehow made us craved for seeing more of you.

To tell you honestly, the way you played Amihan is different from what other people are expecting. I can’t blame them, for majority of them are comparing your Amihan to the previous Amihan they saw ten years ago. But we all saw how you have given justice to Amihan’s character. The unexpected fame of YbraMihan is actually a bonus for us. You’ve grown with her, you fell in love with portraying her, and we all saw you become her. Amihan blended with your beauty and you owned every single bit of her, and it was beautiful, Kylie.

Too beautiful.. but too heartbreaking when you had to say goodbye to being Amihan. We watched her fulfill her final duties as the queen by sacrificing herself, and we watched you as you bid the whole Encantadia goodbye to give life to another role, one that is going to be bigger than being Amihan – which is to be a mother to your child.

Seeing you admit your pregnancy to the whole world and being happy about it has compensated for the pain of watching Amihan die in the hands of the enemy. It was such a brave and painful thing to watch, for it is Amihan who has put back the lively colors of Lireo and it hurts to lose such queen, but Kylie, you were happy. You wanted this. You prayed for this and we’ve never seen you bloom like this before. All of a sudden, your poetry speaks of excitement, of growth and of love that your child is bringing you. Why would we deprive you of that kind of genuine happiness?

People will say what they want to say, and they may not agree with you about your decision, but the louder they shouted the hate, the brighter you smiled at them. And while it is hard for you to kiss portraying Amihan goodbye, I know you don’t regret it at all. You are meant to be in a greater season of your life now, which is to be a mother, and deep down you know it’s all worth it.

Kylie, I understand how painful it was to leave Encantadia that early. I know you didn’t expect it to be that fast, but we all see how happy and willing you are to be in your next journey. We all know you have to value your kid’s health, and even if you’d ask Amihan, knowing how much of a loving mother she is, I know she’d let you go as well. It’s bittersweet, but it was meant to be. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. We’ll miss you, but we’d rather see you happy.

You showed me that saying goodbye to the things that you’ve learned to fall in love with is never easy, and it will never be.

But as hard as it is, you have to move on. That’s what you did. There are goodbyes that are meant to happen as you are being called to another journey in your life. It’s hard to let go, but as time passes by, you’d look back and realize that it was a painful goodbye you’d never ever regret in your life.

It’s very timely that I happened to stumble upon your blog, for I am also undergoing separation anxiety as of the moment – given that I had to say goodbye to something very close to my heart and I have fallen in love with for the past year, but God has called me to a different season now. (As for my case, it’s not motherhood, but a career switch.)

Like you, I don’t regret saying goodbye to that job, no matter how much it hurts me to leave my past season behind. I have prayed and wanted this career change for months, but there will still be nights wherein I miss doing the things that I was doing before, especially the people I have spent these moments with. It’s hard when you had the time of your life there, right? I don’t know, maybe just like you, I’ll be able to let it all go and move on beautifully from it soon enough, knowing that this kind of goodbye is all worth it.

So God bless you and your new journey. Thank you for sharing us your life, your happiness and your poetry. To me, to us, you and Amihan will always be one.

(Photos and GIFs are not mine. These were screen-grabbed from Twitter and other Enca sites. They belong to their owners and creators.)

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