A letter that I am yet to give


By the time that you might be reading this, I might be gone. You never really need to know who am I, but at least before I go I’d pretty much take time to thank you for being a part of my short journey here.

We were never close but that doesn’t mean you never had an impact, because you did.

Thank you for the small things. The smile, the greetings, the curt nods and the short time you’ve spent to support us. Thank you for unconsciously making my day by doing these things before. I know you never intended to do some of them, but you didn’t have to, yet you did. So thank you.

I am sorry for bringing you embarassment. My friends can be really a headache when it comes to the teasing. And I know you’d rather just walk away for you not to be teased by them, and I just wanna let you know that everytime they do, I wanted to look at you and apologize.

I am also sorry for being so masungit. It was just a defense mechanism from all of the teasings that I get everyday. I didn’t mean to be masungit – at all. Please know that everytime I do that, I wanted to say sorry each time. I just never had the chance to.

By the next time you’ll be here, I won’t be able to see you across my locker. I’d like you to know that it is one of the few things I’d miss when I’m gone – even though each time I see you across is a wasted time of me holding back the Hi’s and Hello’s that I really wanted to tell you. The two did not have a difference at all because both of them involves just seeing you, which was enough.

We were never close, but I want you to live well. A lot of people believe that you’re a good man, and I pray that you’d find the happiness that you’re looking for – the happiness that you deserve for being such a good man unconsciously to the people around you.

And if ever I get the chance to bump into you again, I promise by then, I’d be able to tell you in the face how much I am grateful to have met you.

But for now, I only wrote this letter. I was never good in saying farewells, much more to someone who meant pretty much everything but was never close to me.

Just live well.


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