To the guy I’ll marry years from now,


First of all, I’m sorry.

I have given away my heart way too many times before, causing it to break into pieces every now and then because of disappointment. I’m sorry because way back then, I never realized that you deserved my whole heart more than anything else. I’m sorry that I did not look forward to the future — our future — and kept on wasting my love to the guys that I thought you were.

But that was the past. I hope you know one day, once you’ve already seen this letter, right now I am doing my best to make you proud and to be the woman that you are praying for. Even though as of the moment, I don’t think I’ve got my whole life sorted out, I know am on my way there. I will get there.

So please don’t freak out right now if things are messy and everything is not falling into its proper place in your life. You’re young. You don’t have to rush to get ready because you are where He wants you to be now. If you’re still at school, go savor every moment of it and finish what you have to finish. If you are struggling to find a job, eventually, you’ll find the right workplace where God wants your skills to be used. Whatever it is that you are doing right now with your life, go through it patiently and hold on to His grace.

I know you’re not perfect, because I am not, either. But deep inside of my heart, I believe you’re extraordinary.

I do hope that you know that I don’t want the world, nor the stars or the moon. You don’t have to buy me expensive cars and houses because we will be earning it together. Just so you know, I don’t want to be your number one priority. I don’t want to be your oxygen, or your first reason why you live this life. I pray that it’s not me whom you will pursue first. Above anything else, I pray that all your life you pursue Jesus, because He will be your main source for the love that you will be needing to give me and our future children. I will trust you to make the best decisions for our family, and will let you be the leader of our pack.

And when it gets hard to understand you, I will ask for the grace to understand and love you even more. I will be your suitable helper. I will always have your back.

For the meantime, I hope that you pray for me as well. I have no idea if we have already met or not. All that I am sure of is that in His time, we will realize that it’s us that we’re both praying for. I will be waiting for it, I promise you.

Because I know you’re worth the wait.



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