on falling in love… with JaDine


It’s the 2 in the morning and a few hours ago, breakout loveteam James Reid and Nadine Lustre (JaDine) admitted that they are already an official couple during their concert in Araneta Coliseum.

It’s 2 in the morning and I am still not asleep, despite the tiring day that I’ve had, and yet I am still wide awake and writing about this, because the kilig feels are still all over my Twitter feed and I just simply cannot get over it.

I have only been a fan of JaDine since last December, when I started to watch On The Wings of Love through iWanTV and Youtube. I have always been a fan of James Reid, but I never got the chance to see all of his movies with Nadine until this year, but see, there is something about this tandem that makes me smile stupidly in front of the screen everytime they make batuhan of cheesy lines. Some may think of it as “corny” or cliche but for me, it was never pilit.

And mind you, when I see pilit loveteams on-screen, I don’t hesitate to switch off the television.

Upon watching previous interviews, what caught my interest is that they were always honest regarding their status. They were too open about the fact that they are not dating each other. “We’re good friends,” they would always say.

We’re partners in crime.” Well, obviously. You guys have been working with each other almost every single day for two years. Two freaking years. Of course you will be partners in crime.

image4 (1)

James was frequently being linked to other girls, and he was open as well about his past relationship with a singer. Nadine has always been honest, stating that she is not being pursued, and whatever kilig they show on-screen and on-stage, it stops there. When the cameras are off, they are the best of friends.

No dramas. No paasa hints like, “We’re not closing doors” or “We’re enjoying what we have.” These kids were not after those cliche bullsh**. They never said I love you to each other, verbatim-ly or figuratively. They’re good friends. They are partners in crime. That’s it.

Not until tonight — with Nadine dressed in white, James looking handsome in a tux, suddenly requested the music to be turned off, looked into his partner’s eyes, smiled, and said, in front of almost 11 thousand people, “Nadine, I… love you.

image2 (1)

And the crowd went wild. It wasn’t about “Leah” and “Clark,” nor “Eya” and “Cross” or “Sam” and “Top.” It was James, his straightforward self, confessing his love to Nadine.

After two years of hearing the usual, “We’re good friends,” JaDine has made it official. Apparently, since February 11th, according to James. Oh how long the fans have been imagining and waiting for this to happen! Finally!

image1 (3)

Now that I have made a very long introduction for this post, let me get to the part where I state my purpose why I stayed up at 2 am to compose this blog. Here are 6 reasons why I fell in love with JaDine in just a span of two months:

1. They are multi-talented. First, I’d like to commend Viva Talent Agency for grooming these kids. Viva really chooses the right talents and they develop them well, I should say. Well, they can act. They have already proved it to us from the big screen and then eventually to the small screen — on primetime block. They have their own albums already, and some of their singles have already existed even before their loveteam has started. They dance, and for reference, go and watch some of their music videos on Youtube, and watch them perform live as well. Aside from that, these two kiddos shared to us a talent and passion that they both share, which is video directing, making and editing! Here‘s their travel video in San Francisco and see how awesome it is.

2. And when they act, they show versatility. We’ve seen them grow in films, from teeny-bopper roles two years ago, now, they have already played the roles of a husband and a wife, and how come it’s not awkward to see them play older roles? I don’t know. I don’t really know but they are the only ones who can actually pull it off.

3. They look good on-screen. This is the usual tisoy guy and a Pinay-looking girl tandem that we Filipinos adore. Nadine is beautiful, and James, well, James is… basta! Alam niyo na ‘yon! 😉

4. The magic that they have… from the very beginning. To be honest, what amazed me the most is that their tandem was really, really effective even if they were just “good friends.” It even left us wondering (for two whole years!) how the hell they manage to perform dances and production numbers without looking so pilit in pagpapakilig, and then after they would just shrug it off and say, “We’re the best of friends!” Like really. Seriously. And I guess that is what makes them different.

I love LizQuen as well, and we all know that Enrique is openly head over heels with Liza, and it makes us swoon everytime he looks at her. Kathryn and Daniel never denied nor confirmed, but Daniel has always been open as well about how he is attracted to Kath. But James, he never said anything but he was just “good friends” with Nadine. Plus, he was being linked to different girls every now and then, and he never even said I love you to Nadine in a romantic way. It was such a pleasant surprise (and nakahinga na din kami ng malalim, finally!) that these two had chosen not to hold back anymore. Maybe they have realized that if there’s anyone in the world that would be the perfect person for them, it’s them — for each other.

She understands me the most,” says James in a press conference before. Well, friendship really has a big impact on future relationships. Note that one, people!

5. They can exist on their own. James can be just James walking topless on a bachelor’s fashion show without his Nadine tagging along. And Nadine has proved to us that she can be Nadine Lustre, singing in a fierce music video swining fireballs and dark lipstick without James in it. They also have their endorsements together, and they also have their own. It’s just that when they are JaDine, it’s just really better. And sweeter!

6. They are the ultimate friendship/relationship goal. From traveling overseas, taking selfie videos of them while ice skating and eating snow in Lake Tahoe, up to helping each other to be the best in their work and craft, (watch OTWOL outtakes to see behind-the-scenes!) who wouldn’t want to have a best friend/lover just like that? Ako gusto ko, so Nadine, you go girl! Ikaw na talaga! Ikaw na ang mahaba ang hair!
It sucks that wasn’tt able to watch their concert live. Even the pay-per-view thing was good enough and I regret not risking 500php for that. But I’m not that worried at all, I know these kids are gonna get far. Well, they already have gone so far from where they began, and I’m excited to witness how they can go further than where they are. Way to go, lovebirds! Pakiligin niyo pa kami, we don’t mind the heart attacks, as long as they are caused by the kilig from the two of you! 😉

And to end this post, here’s 4 minutes of JaDine sweet moments compiled for one of my favorite James Reid songs, Randomantic. Enjoy!

(credits to the owner of the video and the pictures used above)

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