2k15 in a photo dump


2015 in photodump

I got a thousand photos taken this 2015 and while several of them are screenshots (of funny, mushy and somehow memorable conversations with certain people), most of them are moments — moments that are the highlights of this fruitful year.

I created this post as well to thank those people who have been a great part of my 2k15. If you have seen your face on the photos below, then good on ‘ya. This year’s been great because you’ve been a part of it.


january 01january 02I spent a lot of my January days with my thesis groupmates (and nights) gathering data and finishing our thesis. It was in this month that I really did not have any sleep at all and was eating stress for breakfast. It was also during January when we started to train new people to join us in the youth service admin team. Our family got bigger this month and it was more fun volunteering because of that!


february 01february 02february 03February has marked a lot of “finals” and “lasts.” It was our final defense month and we aced it! We passed the presentation and I was just so glad that I was able to chill for a bit the days after that. I attended my last college night with my closest friends (in my Katniss Everdeen costume), got inspired to wait because of our youth service series “That Thing Called Forever,” which is my last Valentines youth series before I transition to a young professional/single, and won my last award in Photojournalism.


march 01march 02I ended my last school year in college by volunteering celebrating it our “school year sem-ender” in Lifebox Malolos. This was the certain Friday that I got so emotional at the back of the room while every one else is rejoicing and dancing, because I can’t believe that it would be the very last time that I will be officially handling the service as a production manager. I can still volunteer for the next school year, but I won’t be a regular when it happens because I’ll be working. It feels like I am officially ending my season as a youth, and it’s bitterweet!

This was also the same month that I fully dedicated myself to go to the gym. Our thesis finally got printed on a hardbound material, and me and my classmates can now go ahead and chill as we wait for our big day.


april 01I graduated college and bid goodbye to my alma mater after four fast years on studying Journalism. It was summer, and I got so busy because there were a lot of church activities happening here and there, but it was also in this month that I finally ticked something unusual in my bucket list: to star in a music video! I appeared on Revolution Amplified’s Drop Everything MTV as a student selfie queen turned Victory Group leader, and it was shown to thousands of people during one of the church’s provincial gatherings. Now, I can’t believe that really happened!


may 01may 02I spent my May doing petiks things before I officially begin my work (which actually started June 1). I began friendships, I witnessed the very first service of Victory Plaridel, and I attended my last BulSU leaders’ hangout as a student.


june 01june 02So I started work at Telstra, and met a whole new different set of people. I actually had a culture shock transitioning into this brand new season, (I even cried because I wasn’t able to attend Ignite 2015, which I prayed and prepared for since 2014) but by the grace of God, I managed to meet people who can respect my values, my faith, and what I don’t usually do, that they usually do. (I know you guys get it, right?) They treated me as the baby of the family, and I’m glad to have found friends like these people.


july 01

july 02I received my very first payout in my entire life! And as I have promised myself before, I treated my family the very next weekend after. It was also my first time to have given my very first tithe out of my salary. I spent a lot of weekends with my family going out to several church activities, and before ending the month, I adopted a puppy named Budog, and had my very first Maguinhawa escapade with my high school best friends.


august 01august 02august 03August is my birthday month, and I celebrated a lot of birthdays (other than mine) as well! There was this certain Friday that I was told to buy two cakes for two of my friends for their birthday celebrations. It was so hard but I enjoyed doing that and I enjoyed the look on their faces when they first saw the surprise cake (Hi Pau!) and my surprise presence after saying that I’m not coming (Hi Faye!).

My 2k15 has been celebrated in a non-traditional way as well. No cakes and visitors for my 20th this year, but I spent it with my co-admins in a different house, (my first time!) with all of us preparing and cooking food for a boodle fest. And since it was also Mom’s birthday, the family dined out in Senyora Carmen’s Restaurant, one of our favorites.

September – October

october 01october 02october 03The first part of September had a lot of heavy rains and it has caused flood in our subdivision, so I wasn’t able to go out as much. But as the month progressed, I had the chance to spend time with my discipler BK for a catching up. Rains defined most of my October as well but I was able to help as well in the youth service’s sem-ender last October 23 after my work, and since I was allowed to go on a four-day off from work on the last week of the month, I spent it dining out with ze bestfriend to help out on her thesis, and wen to Every Nation Campus Plaridel as well with other Malolos folks.


november 01november 02november 03Festive season is on its beginning and you know it, because you’ve been eating and dining out a lot. (HAHA!) Some of the remarkable moments here was I was able to bring Steven and his new friend in our youth service, I did some catching up with college friends after seven months of (dreading) work, I finally said yes to an after-shift eat-out with my closest friends at work, with a late dinner with Mom after, then there’s Bulacan Worship Convergence, and a few hours later, we ate out at McDonald’s, and I wasn’t able to go to work after that because of lack of sleep and energy. Way to go, November!


There are a lot of happenings this December and let me just tell all of those events through pictures.

december 01So much for sweets this month! Treated ze bestfriend to an unlimited desserts buffet after work and before attending EN Campus Malolos. I said I’m not gonna eat desserts for the rest of week after that massive eat-out, but I was wrong. It really triggered my sweet tooth!

december 02Youth Service Admin Christmas bonding. Gosh, I missed these folks a lot. The very first time that we were almost complete! Harthart this group forevs. They have been a huge part of my 2k15.

december 03 - CopyEat-out with the explorers. These two proved to me that unplanned escapades are so much better than those of which we planned months back. I didn’t really mind the hustle and bustle of the city. I wish I always have Faye and Pau in my pocket all the time to keep me company!

december 04december 05 - CopyI don’t really know how many times I’ve been in the mall this month with these lovebirds but I don’t regret being a mall rat. At all. Especially if I am with them.

december 06december 07december 08And this is the pahabol Christmas getaway that we have been planning months before. I went to work on Christmas day and they fetched me after, brought me to Mall of Asia and there we actually roamed around and dined out. The day after, we went on hiking and caving at Biak na Bato National Park, and there we took a lot of photos, not just of the beautiful scenery but also of ourselves. I don’t even remember when was the last time that we had a proper family picture! 😉

And 2k15 has been a whirlwind, just like any other year. I’ve had a lot of “lasts” and “firsts” as you can see, and I think it’s because of the transitioning period that I was in this year. I created this post so that I can look back 2015 with a smile on my face, and with gratitude to the Lord for constantly showering my family with favors and blessings all throughout the year, and to the very special people that made 2k15 an incredible one.

If you have seen your face on the photos above, thank you. I’m praying for you, and I am looking forward to enter and spend a momentous 2016 with all of you still by my side.



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