On ending the year with joy

LUKE 114

Joy is such an overwhelming word for me. I don’t usually use that word when I write, because I tend to associate “joy” to a certain season of the year, which is Christmas.

This 2015 has been a roller-coaster for me. I underwent a lot of transition in my life, shed tears for about twenty nights in this year alone and now that it’s December, I can’t help but be excited, and joyful. Decembers, no matter how hard the year has been for me, will always excite me no matter what.

December is a month of provisions for my family. This is the first Christmas of us with me having a job, and I can’t help but thank God for the opportunity that he has provided me this year to be productive. And as I have promised my folks, I took them out to dine in one of their favorite restaurants and shop.

120515. The night we became mall-rats.
121015. Dated mother dearest in Trinoma after work

I can sense another mall night with these two anytime soon, and looking forward as well to visit Biak Na Bato this coming week!

And of course, will I forget to take out my soul sister on a dessert splurge? I blame our endless rants and surging hormones for this unli dessert date.

But I actually don’t care at all.

Too much dessert causes too much selfies.

And last night, I was able to spend time with the people that I love working with every week: my best friends in the ministry. We were so elated at the fact that this is the very first barkada plan that was put into success. Spending time with these people makes me look forward to every Friday nights after work, and I’m glad that we all ended up the year honoring each other with gifts and prophecies.

The group that makes me excited about working on Friday nights.

Half of the month is already done and Christmas is coming in two weeks, and I am still looking forward to spend time with the people who gives me joy. I’m excited to post about our Christmas party in our team at work, and I’m praying that I get to meet my immediate family on my Dad’s side as well.

And all of these moments that gave me overwhelming joy would not be possible if I didn’t get to receive Christ in my life. In the end, it all comes from Him, the reason of Christmas, the source of the joy that we all get to share with each other.

Cheers to more times like this!


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