A 24K Magical experience

Eight months ago, I wrote about wanting something so bad.

The moment Bruno Mars decided to take his 24K Magic World Tour in Manila, I knew I had to go. Doesn’t matter where I would be sitting, I just knew I had to be there. I blocked my whole May 4th after securing a Day 2 ticket several months ago. I’m not much into concerts but hey, my fangirl heart cannot let this opportunity to pass!

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I heard from somewhere that you cannot disassociate pain from love.

While I believe it’s true, there’s something inside me that’s still hoping there will be minimal pain. Unless you’re a masochist, no one really wants the pain that comes along with the love, right?

The moment I realized I have fallen in love with you, I also have embraced the fact that there will be pain.

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#MeToo: What Needs to be Understood

It was an ordinary workday for me and I got out at 5. I took a van home instead of booking a cab — it’s cheaper that way and I was assuming it wasn’t that traffic yet, anyway.

I was right. It wasn’t traffic. The whole trip to my subdivision took only 15 minutes instead of the usual 45. I gathered my things and opened the van door to get off.

Only two seconds after, a guy intentionally crashed himself on to me. The next thing I knew was that his hand was trying to touch my crotch.

I immediately pushed his hand away, but he was too strong that he got a good grip on my crotch before walking away from me.

It all happened very fast.

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Do you see him now?

Right now, you’re thinking of running away.

Please don’t.

My dear, let me tell you why. Let me convince you that you don’t have to run away.

You have to understand that not everyone wants you hurt.

I know, hard to digest, but that’s true. There are still people who would like to make you happy. There are still people who would like to love you the way you would like to be loved.

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