XXIV – On Finding Love

My mom got engaged to my dad when she was 24.

It’s a story that will always be vivid in my head: It was a long-distance relationship– he was abroad and it was his parents who came to my mom’s house and gifted her with a ring. She said she was crying tears of joy all night, realizing that she’s bound to marry the man she loved once he comes back home.

I remember how as a kid, I would wonder how it felt like: finding love at 24.

I turn 24 today.

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Can’t Lose Now (a double drabble)

I used to dread Monday daylight.

They bring me the worst of anxieties: Do I get more work done today? Did I miss any errands from last week? Do I have to go to any of those meetings?

I get through each time knowing I could look forward to the night because I get to talk to you.

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A 24K Magical experience

Eight months ago, I wrote about wanting something so bad.

The moment Bruno Mars decided to take his 24K Magic World Tour in Manila, I knew I had to go. Doesn’t matter where I would be sitting, I just knew I had to be there. I blocked my whole May 4th after securing a Day 2 ticket several months ago. I’m not much into concerts but hey, my fangirl heart cannot let this opportunity to pass!

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